Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is vital for any business that transports goods by land, air or sea.

Marine insurance is also commonly referred to as cargo insurance or inland marine insurance. One of the oldest forms of insurance, it covers losses incurred during transport. As your business expands and considers overseas trade, a comprehensive policy to cover any potential loss is a good first-step in your business plan. Christopher Williams Agency has insurance experts that can assist you in developing a comprehensive marine insurance policy to protect your company's assets. This policy protects your merchandise and goods while away from your business.

Ocean Marine Insurance
Ocean Marine Insurance is designed to cover various hazards related to the movement of goods. This protects your merchandise and goods from perils of the sea while in transport by ocean carriers.

Protection can be provided for the cargo itself. This protection can be provided to the seller/shipper or to the buyer. Where ownership of and responsibility for the cargo are assumed is crucial in determining what coverage is needed. Risks are unavoidable in the shipment of goods. Goods are loaded and shipped. Travel on the ocean provides its own set of perils. These risks require that the shipper take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of his goods while in transit, for instance with proper packaging and/or containerizing, and shipping on a vessel appropriate for the goods in question. 

Inland Marine Insurance
This protects your merchandise and goods while in transit or “floating” on inland waterways. Valuable papers and documents as well as mobile equipment and other supplies are covered by this policy.

The following represent a wide range of the types of coverage typically called "inland marine" insurance:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bailee Customer's Goods
  • Builders' Risk
  • Camera and Photographic Equipment
  • Communication Towers and Equipment
  • Computer Coverage
  • Contractors Equipment
  • Commercial Floaters
  • Dealers
  • Exhibitions
  • Fine Arts
  • Furriers
  • Golf Equipment
  • Guns
  • Installation
  • Jewelers
  • Leased Property
  • Mobile Medical Equipment
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Museums
  • Musical Instruments
  • Processing Risks
  • Rigger's Liability
  • Scheduled Property
  • Transportation
  • Trip Transit
  • Valuable Papers
  • Warehouse Legal

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