Business Life Insurance

Help successors manage what you built after you are gone.

As a means of helping to ensure the continued function of a company in the event that a key person within the organization dies, business life insurance provides coverage that can help make a difficult situation easier to manage. The purpose of business life insurance can assist the company with the wide range of factors that arise when an owner or a key executive is no longer around to handle his or her usual responsibilities.

Essentially, business life insurance can be thought of in terms of being key person insurance. By insuring the life of persons who are critical to the life of the company, it is possible to safeguard against the unexpected demise of an individual who possesses a skill set that is foundational to the success and ongoing life of the company. While business life insurance cannot completely fill the gap left by the death of a valued member of the organization, life insurance coverage will provide the corporation with financial resources that can be applied to the expenses associated with finding and training a new employee. Business life insurance proceeds can also be used to cover the expenses of obtaining consultants and other temporary services that will assist the company in continuing to operate in the short term.

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